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volleyball Sessions

Galley Tiki club offers leagues on several nights from late spring to early fall. All of the session dates are listed below, so you can see the dates you'd like to play.

We have quads (4 person teams) and 6s in addition to a juniors night. To play, you will want to gather your friends and family to create your own team. Then pick the night you want to play and sign up!

Each session runs for 6 weeks so you will play the same night for the whole session. A schedule will be emailed out to captains that lets you know what time you play each week!

Each session has to be booked individually unless you sign up for our "All Sessions" package (3 sessions on the same night for a total of 18 weeks of play) for a discounted price. The discount is 1/2 off the third session price and is automatically included in the checkout total.

Select your session and click the night you are interested in playing for specific info and requirements! Can't wait to see you all out at the Galley Tiki Club!

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